A brief history

In the late 1980’s, a freak accident in a particle accelerator located in Midwestern America changed the course of human history – forever. A portal formed briefly and brought with it exotic particles which defied the known laws of physics. News leaked out about this discovery and took the Earth by storm.

Within ten years, the major powers of the world had unlocked the basics of multiversal travel. Though their early attempts were primitive, Earth’s great powers eagerly spread forth in search of new lands to colonize and control. In doing so they encountered powers and forces the likes of which they had no context for, physics which were completely alien, and even many different forms of magic.

Colonies sprung up in dozens of discovered universes, some acting as trading posts with the natives and others becoming full-fledged settlements with thousands or tens of thousands of people. Earth became known as Earth Prime, despite no real alternate Earth ever being found, and the world experienced a cultural and economic renaissance from the imported resources.

Then in the year 2088, over a hundred years after the initial discovery of the multiversal portal…Earth Prime disappeared, along with all of its people. When probes were sent to investigate, they found that nothing remained of the Earth and its moon. It was completely empty, as if the Earth itself had never existed.

After a decade of chaos in the aftermath, a new power rose to prominence and brought order back to the colonies: New Carthage. Located in a dimensionally strategic position, the city made use of that to slowly but surely take control of the scattered and squabbling colonies. By 2096, New Carthage had cemented itself as the dominant power. By 2103, it had taken over as the only real colonial power.

Another century has passed since then. The human colonies have continued to expand under the rule of New Carthage, establishing trading posts, outposts, and settlements across dozens of dimensions. But the farther they delve into the multiverse, the weirder things become. Stranger physics, more powerful magic, and more dangerous entities.

The old order clings to power using laws to hold everything together and slowly it fails. Colonies fall to eldritch things, wars loom between natives and colonists, and the tight control over the Powered has begun to slip…

A brief history

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