Current Plot Hooks

The Silversalt Incident

A notice obtained from the mob computer indicates that a silversalt smuggling operation in the Rockhill colony has gone dark. Without this alchemical ingredient, healing potions are considerably more difficult to come by within the mob. As good as this may be, the fact remains that there’s no news or reports anywhere about an operation being halted in that colony.

Whoever or *what*ever has stopped the operation may not be much better than the mob. Or perhaps they might be valuable allies? It’s worth checking out, at least.

The Shapeshifters & the Cult

A message from the mob computer referenced a Michael Dyatlov acting strangely after infiltrating the Church of the Holy Genome. After some investigation, the team’s determined that Dyatlov’s likely been turned into another shapeshifter. All the necessary equipment for capturing and interrogating them has been gathered as well.

Of course, the fact they returned from the only prominent gene cult in the city as a shapeshifter is suspicious enough as is. The team could forgo the interrogation and simply visit the cult’s headquarters — either peacefully or not.

The Golem Factory

The final useful piece of info gleaned from the mob computer points to a production facility in the Argent district, hidden somewhere between two skyscrapers. After an investigation at the behest of Dusky, it was discovered that this facility is in the underground and seems to involve the production of Golem Armor.

However, the group wa spotted before they escaped back to the base. Thanks to Aqua’s research, it seems most likely the facility will have its security beefed up because of how expensive it would be to move things.

Return of Geode

Dubbed the 200 Carat Killer by the media, Geode is a murderous ghost who killed a great many people twenty years prior. Only recently have they resurfaced, though where they were for the past two decades is unknown.

Has taken quite an interest in Aqua. Has some serious history with Anya’s uncle. Was last seen hanging around the Cadence district, so it’s possible they’re still in the area.

Current Plot Hooks

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