Base Building

Team Resources

Team Resources (TR) are an abstract representation of the team’s pooled finances and good will with certain NPCs, intended to streamline the act of base building and equipment procurement.

While not strictly linked to your characters’ material wealth, a Wealth point can be spent to add an additional 10 TR to the pool.


A set of gear, furniture, or sometimes information. Everything you buy will have some benefit or another, though it may be situational. Cost a certain amount of TR to purchase. Divided into four types:

Personal: Areas of the base specifically set up for the comfort of an individual character. Each provides a base +1 boost to the individual’s Willpower recovered when resting, but may provide significantly varying benefits when upgraded past that.

Communal: Areas of the base set up for anyone — or an NPC — to make use of. Varying benefits.

Field Gear: Equipment for activity out in the field! Mostly refers to weapons or armor, but more specialized gear may become available.

Tips: Sometimes an object or piece of equipment (or something else) is extremely rare, highly illegal, and/or under heavy guard. In these circumstances, you cannot just purchase it with TR. Instead, you purchase the information necessary to find and obtain the item. Basically, purchasing a side quest. Always provides a more powerful bonus.

Base Building

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