New Carthage government

New Carthage
Population: 10,479,112

Founded in 2008 during the second wave of colonial charters, New Carthage is situated on a planetoid, Dido, with all the surface area of roughly New York state. Despite the comically small size of Dido itself, gravity and atmosphere are both completely liveable for humans and many other species. New Carthage proper covers nearly half of Dido’s surface, with the rest having been converted into ‘New Tyre’ – effectively a series of manor estates owned by the city’s ruling classes.

New Carthage is an oligarchal republic, ruled directly and openly by those citizens who have the most wealth and/or status. The Silver Council is the legislative body, a congress where seats can be bought, sold, leased, traded, and even occasionally stolen by those with the money and will to do so. The council creates and passes laws, appoints Copper and Bronze court judges, and generally deals with diplomatic acts.

The Golden Court exists to balance out the council, with ten judges being able to rule for or against the existence of any law brought before them. Rather than being appointed by an executive or elected by vote in the Silver Council, judges are chosen for their position by the Five Ruling Families.

Standing above all others in terms of wealth and power, the Five Ruling Families are the closest thing New Carthage has to an executive branch. Though not necessarily the oldest, the Five Families all have the highest status possible. Each has proven itself dedicated to keeping New Carthage a stable, prosperous empire over the course of multiple generations. To go against them is to go against the city itself.

(The Five Families are as follows: the Salib family, Khan-Lee family, Vuong family, Eskildsen clan, and the Bluechers.)

New Carthage officially has no military, but that role is played instead by an organization titled simply the Enforcers. While lower level law enforcement keeps the peace at street level, the Enforcers are dedicated to taking out threats to the city itself: violent and illegal Powered being their most common opponent. The Enforcers are kept under close monitoring by all three branches of government, an attempted coup in 2144 leaving everyone eternally wary of them.

New Carthage government

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