Major NPCs


Golemetry Specialist – a cane-wielding golemetry specialist who appeared at the diner and later Kayla’s interrogation. Studied magic specifically designed to create (and counter) golems. Dead due to a crate lid to the head.

Enchanting Specialist – a pistol-wielding woman who appeared at the diner and later at a mob safehouse Dusky, Kayla, and Iris raided. Studied magic which allowed her to imbue pistol rounds with special effects. Currently in NCPD custody.

Nyeetuak – a mob “fixer” who was sent by Mr. Vane to find and, well, “fix” the problems the heroes have been causing. Was the one who planned Barbara’s kidnapping and Kayla’s interrogation. A rogue Powered in possession of deadly Cold manipulation powers. Currently in NCPD custody.

Mr. Vane – the mob boss whose minions kickstarted the RP’s events. Has yet to appear in person. Wants to capture Dusky.


Nina Mehta – Bright, perky, pink-haired police sergeant. Ciel’s older sister. Commands a small unit of officers trained in her unique ballet-derived martial arts. Serves as the city government’s face for legal empowerment, performing ballet routines for charity among other things. Currently attempting to track the team down.

Ciel Mehta – Serious, rebellious, purple-haired police inspector. Nina’s younger sister. Primarily investigates cases either alone or with a single partner. Is one of the faces of the legal empowerment program, but is far less marketable than her sister. Acts as the team’s liaison to the more open-minded segments of the NCPD.

NC Governmental

Frederick Raleigh – A haughty, wealthy architect who bought his way onto the Silver Council only to be murdered mere days later by Geode. His ghost was contacted, but was apparently in the process of being…digested?

Regis Wright – Former first-starburst general of the Enforcers before retiring to pursue a career in the Powers Enforcement & Regulation Division. Has been placed in charge of Kayla’s old office, replacing her old boss for nebulous reasons. Runs the office like, to quote Kayla, “a musclebound fuhrer”.


The Web – a cybernetic hivemind of spiders and alien arachnid-equivalents that, if it is to be believed, used to be human. Reasonably friendly and helpful, they have provided various kinds of assistance to the team. Usually not for free, though. Currently has a small sub-colony in the team’s base.

Geode – Better known by the media as the “200 Carat Killer”. A serial killer who went on a spree 20 years ago, murdering fifteen people over the course of six months and replacing parts of their body with gemstones as a sort of calling card. They then disappeared for decades only to return in recent weeks. Appears to be non-corporeal? Has an unhealthy focus on Aqua.

The Shapeshifters – A group of mysterious masses of flesh and virulence with dubious intelligence, considerable strength, and the power to mimic anything living they’ve devoured. May have someone intelligent directing them?

Arv – A goblin necromancer, in the traditional meaning of the word: he can summon the deceased’s spirit in order to speak with them. Has assisted the group in contacting the ghost of Frederick Raleigh in order to find out more information about the “200 Carat Killer”, though the events of that contact were a bit more than he could handle.


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Major NPCs

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