Basic Powered situation

Powered (noun): An individual who possesses supernatural abilities due to exposure to otherworldly elements and/or the result of radical magicko-scientific alteration.

To be among the Powered in New Carthage is to lose much of the freedom commonly held by its people. The government heavily regulates the sources of empowerment, doing its best to keep magical artifacts and super-soldier serums out of the hands of the common rabble. If you wish to become an officially-recognized, legally-accepted member of the Powered, you must pass a series of tests to ensure you’re mentally healthy and unlikely to take off with your new-found powers.

Should you pass, you are taken to one of many facilities scattered across New Carthage and given an empowerment of your choice. It’s the last real choice you’ll have as from now on your career and social circles will be chosen by representatives from the Silver Council and Five Families. Though your life will be relatively comfortable and your wallet kept full, you have sacrificed your freedom.

Those who are not Powered through legal means are labeled rogues and considered criminals in the eyes of the law, whether their powers were obtained by accident or not. To be Powered and not under the control of New Carthage is to be a danger to continued order and stability. That doesn’t mean the Enforcers will descend upon one’s doorstep immediately after they hear about a rogue Powered on the loose, but eyes will be a little more open. If you keep your head down, you can even go a long time as a rogue without being caught – or even noticed! Assuming your powers aren’t obvious or always on, of course.

Should a rogue Powered be captured, what happens is heavily dependent on the type of powers and the conduct of the rogue prior. The less disruptive they’ve been, the more lenient the punishment. It’s all dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but even the most lenient possibility still involves prison time, constant monitoring, and possibly being shipped to a penal colony. More commonly they’re either incarcerated permanently or executed.

It wasn’t always like this. Only a couple decades ago, New Carthage sponsored an industrial-scale empowerment project in the colony of Yggdrasil. The public’s knowledge of the project is limited, only scattered fragments of the results available and Yggdrasil is still populated. Whatever happened is being kept under wraps…

Basic Powered situation

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