Malcolm Petrov

Unwilling Magical Boy


Name/Aliases: Malcolm Petrov / Prince Starlight

Description: An average, if slightly androgynous looking, 16 year old boy with black hair and blue eyes who overall just really wants to go to band practice and do his homework, but his talking cat won’t let him.

Occupation: Student/Magical Boy

Loyalty: Family

Passion: Music

Sources: Paranormal

Permissions: Super Equipment, Power Theme


Body: 2d
Athletics: 2d
Melee Weapon (Weapon goes here):
Melee Weapon (Weapon goes here):

Coordination: 2d
Driving (Vehicle goes here):
Lockpicking: 2d
Stealth: 2d
Ranged Weapon (Weapon goes here):
Ranged Weapon (Weapon goes here):

Sense: 3d
Perception: 3d
Scrutiny: 3d

Mind: 3d
First Aid: 2d
Navigation: 1d
Research: 3d
Security Systems (technological): 3d
Streetwise: 2d

Charm: 2d
Perform (clarinet): 2d
Persuasion: 3d

Command: 2d
Interrogation: 2d
Stability: 3d

Base Will: 5
Willpower: 10

Disadvantages, Equipment and Other Notes:

Courtly Medal of Love [U] 2hd (1 per die)
Flaws: Focus -1, Accessible -1, Manufacturable -1, If/Then -1 (must hold object aloft and speak the magic words), Obvious -1, Delayed Effect -2, Self Only -3
Capacities: Self
Cost: 4 points

Hidden by Sparkles and Roses [U] 2hd (5 per die)
Extras: On Sight +1, Speeding Bullet +2, Endless +3
Flaws: Attached -2 (to Courtly Medal of Love), Automatic -1
Capacities: Self
Cost: 20 points

Royal Glitter Force Love Beam [A+2] 10d (1 per die)
Extras: Daze +1, Burn +2, Penetration +2
Flaws: Obvious -1, If/Then -1 (must make hands into shape of a heart), If/Then -2 (if said with right tone, full dice pool. If said with improper tone, half dice pool), Attached -1, Slow -2, Limited Damage -1 (limited to Shock)
Capacities: Ranged
Cost: 10 points

Sticker Barrier [D+1] 4hd (1 per die)
Extras: Power Capacity Ranged +2, Go First +1
Flaws: Attached (to form) -2, If/Then -1 (must call out power’s name), If/Then -1 (calling out the power correctly for full dice; not doing so yields half dice pool), Obvious -1
Capacities: Ranged, Self
Cost: 8 points

Lovely Heart Sparkle Chain [U U A] 1WD/7D (3 per die)
Useful: Struggle Chain
Extras: Power Capacity Mass +2
Flaws: If/Then -1 (attack name), If/Then -1 (proper diction), Obvious -1
Capacities: Ranged, Mass
Attack: Constricted by Your Love
Flaws: If/Then -1 (attack name), If/Then -1 (proper diction), Obvious -1, Delayed Effect -2, Scattered Damage -1
Capacities: Ranged
Useful: Glitter Bomb
Extras: Daze +1, Radius +2
Flaws: Obvious -1, Attached (to Useful quality) -2
Capacity: Ranged
Cost: 39 points

Hyperbody: Leaping and Running 1d (2 per die)
Extras: Booster +2
Flaws: If/Then (only for Running or Jumping) -2, Attached -2 (to transformation)
Cost: 3 points

Pretty Soldier Lovely Mal-Mal Uniform [D] 3hd (1 per die)
Extras: Endless +3, Durable +1
Flaws: Attached (to transformation) -2, Armored Defense -2, Focus -1
Capacity: Self
Cost: 6 points

Experience: 11


Malcolm Petrov

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