Kayla Alvarez

Ex-bureaucrat. Current hibachi superhero, begrudgingly.


Name: Kayla Alvarez
Description: Culinarily challenged bureaucrat with hibachi superpowers she never asked for
Occupation: (Former) Empowerment Clinic Inspector
Motivations: Bridging the gap between the spirit and the letter of the law
Permissions: Hibachi skillset
Intrinsics: N/A

Disadvantages: Body + Stability under duress to prevent accidental Oil discharge
Excessive usage of the Oil Treatment turns skin brittle, increases Shock damage

Body: 2d
Athletics: —
Block: 2d
Brawling (Touch Attack): 2d
Endurance: 2d
Weapon (Knives): 2d

Coordination: 3d
Dodge: 2d
Driving (Car): 2d
Lockpicking: —
Stealth: 1d
Weapon (Ranged): —

Sense: 4d
Empathy: —
Perception: 4d
Scrutiny: 4d

Mind: 3d
First Aid: 1d
Language (Spanish): 2d
Medicine: —
Navigation: 2d
Research: 2d
Security Systems: —
Streetwise: —
Survival: —
Tactics: —

Charm: 2d
Lie: 1d
Perform (Piano): 1d
Persuasion: 2d
Contact (Barbara): 3d

Command: 3d
Interrogation: 2d
Intimidation: 2d
Leadership: 3d
Stability: 3d

Base Will: 13
Willpower: 12
Experience: 20

– – – – – –


Hyperskill > Melee Weapon > Knives >> Gust Cutlery: 3d [7d]
Kayla conjures wind as an extension of her fingertips to create knives, skewers, spatula, or other culinary utensils

Extras and Flaws: Deadly, Penetration, Locational [arms]

– – –

Sparkshow (U U)
If Kayla uses her powers, touches metal with either her hands or Gust Cutlery, or touches her hands together, a light show of sparks, lasers and fireworkesque neon effects is generated without her even meaning to. She must make a Command check. Clapping her hands together creates a flashbang effect. The various displays were designed by legendary firework auteur Willaby “Whizbang” Taihei under exclusive license to contracted restaurants.

Intentional: 2d+2wd (1 for nature of contact, 1 for finesse)
Extras and Flaws: Daze, Radius, Obvious, Loopy
Capacities: Ranged

Extras and Flaws: Attached, Obvious, Partially Controlled
Capacities: Self

– – –

The Oil Treatment [ U ] : 2hd
Kayla materializes a focused jet of oil from her wrist, the way a chef might spray cooking oil from a squirt bottle. It primarily serves as an accelerant.

Extras and Flaws: Burn, Locational [Arms], Partially Attached (to Cast Her Oil)

Hyperskill > Ranged Weapon > Liquid Jet >> Cast Her Oil 3d + 1ed
Extras and Flaws: Spray, Reduced Capacities [Ranged], Locational [Arms]

– – –

Tempura Rising ( A ) : 3d + 1wd
A point-focused amount of energy that ignites accelerants. Doesn’t do much else to non-combustible materials. Triggers with a snap.

Extras and Flaws: Reduced Capacities, Locational [arms], Limited Damage [Shock]

– – –

[Partially Attached: A power with Partially Attached takes effect when another power is used, or can be used on its own in another capacity.]

– – –

Character Advancement

Art by Souyen Hiyamugi, used with permission


Kayla Alvarez

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