Iris Whittler


Name: Iris Whittler
Description: A child of multiple races – you know what, I’ll just tell you as we come to them.
Occupation: Too young to hold an occupation. (Formerly Manager and Primary Courier for Iris’ Professional Courier Services.)
Loyalty: The exploited of New Carthage (3), Her Crime-fighting Compatriots (2), Sana (2)
Passion: Discovery (3), Making Friends (2), Growing Up (1)
Sources: Equations That Change
Permissions: Empathic Shapeshifting [Power Theme]
Intrinsics: No Willpower, No Structure

No Willpower, No Structure (-10 Points)
Akin to the No Willpower, No Way Intrinsic, Iris’ powers stop working when she reaches 0 Willpower. However, this also includes her ability to maintain a coherent form. When Iris reaches 0 Willpower, she is also reduced to a ball of goo with two hit locations – hits to locations 1-5 hit a body box, hits to location 6-10 hit a brain box. This remains in effect until Iris gains at least a point of Willpower, at which point she can re-assume a normal form.

Body: 1d
Athletics: 3d
Weapon (Melee):

Coordination: 3d
Dodge: 3d
Driving (Scooter): 3d
Riding (Child’s Scooter): 1d
Stealth: 3d
Weapon (Ranged):

Sense: 1d
Perception: 1d

Mind: 3d
First Aid: 1d
Knowledge (Scooter Maintenance): 2d
Navigation: 3d
Security Systems:
Streetwise: 3d

Charm: 3d
Perform (Specialty):
Persuasion: 2d
Contacts (Courier Acquaintances): 2d

Command: 1d
Leadership: 1d
Stability: 3d

Base Will: 13
Willpower: 11

Disadvantages, Equipment and Other Notes:
Iris will insist, emphatically, that she is not a child. All the same, she looks and sounds exactly like a child. This combined with a deep-seated sense of curiosity, distinct lack of forethought, and the poor judgement that got her into this situation in the first place, she can at times be indistinguishable from a normal child.

She is not remotely happy about this fact. All the same, she cannot help but be what she is.

General Powers

Omniglot [U, Self] 2hd (2 per die, 8 points total)
Extras and Flaws: Native Power +1, Permanent +4, Always On -1, Self Only -3, Go Last -1
Iris can both understand and speak any language, regardless of delivery method or current form.

Empathic Shape-Shifting [U, Self] 2hd (1 per die, 4 points total)
Extras and Flaws: Endless +3, Self Only -3, Go Last -1
Iris can shape-shift into different species, provided she has a significant relationship with one of their number.

Empathic Wardrobe [Dud] (1 point total)
Iris’ clothing shifts to match her present form and age.

Empathic Shapeshifter’s Light Armor [D] 2hd (1 per die, 4 points total)
Extras and Flaws: Endless +3, Armored Defense -2, Limited Width -1, Only Usable If Form has Equivalent -1
Certain forms are tougher than others – taking on these characteristics is surprisingly consistent for Iris, despite the difference in species.

Human Drake-Pup Form

In this form, Iris resembles most closely her human self. Her relationship with Aqua has caused this form to take on dragon-traits – budding draconic plates speckle her face, and tiny versions of the horns of a draconic-human hybrid grow from the sides her head, barely more than nubs peaking out from within shoulder-length orange hair. Her skin is dusted with a fine layer of golden fur. This, along with a pair of downward-curving ears, a flat psudeo-dog nose and a tail all indicate that Iris likes a Golden Retriever named Rufus very much.

She bears a remarkable resemblance to Aqua in her draconic traits, and has bright green eyes filled with curiosity.

Human Drake-Pup Senses [Hyperstat: Sense] 2hd (1 per die, 4 points total)
Extras and Flaws: Limited Use (Labrador’s Sense of Smell and Hearing, Dragon’s Visual Spectrum) -1, Attached (Sense Stat) -1, Only for Human Dragon-Dog Form -1
Thanks to her distinctly mixed traits, Iris can both hear more effectively than a human, gain a great deal of information through scent, and see into more visual spectra.

Drake-Pup’s Element-Resistant Skin [D] 2hd (1 per die, 4 points total)
Extras and Flaws: Endless +3, Armored Defense -2, Only for Human Dragon-Dog Form -1, Only for Heat and Cold -1
A dragon-human’s already element-resistant skin is bolstered by an admittedly thin dog’s layer of fur.

Hyleel Chick Form

As a Hyleel chick, Iris has the build of a young theropodial dinosaur. She is covered in a layer of down that would very much like to be feathers. However, they are not feathers, and this renders her wings unsuitable for gliding. Her feet sport curved talons, though they are small, stubby things, a far cry from the long and elegant talons of a mature Hyleel. However, they still allow her to climb trees, whether they are made of wood or concrete. The only sign of the Hyleel’s characteristic sexual dimorphism in Iris’ form is the duller orange of her plumage compared to a boy of her age.

To anyone who can distinguish such things about Hyleel, she could easily be mistaken for a member of Jason Thunderbeak’s family. Despite being old friends with Jason, she could easily pass as his younger sister while a Hyleel chick.

Chick’s Grip [Hyperskill: Athletics] 2d (1 per die, 2 points total)
Extras and Flaws: Only for Hyleel Form -1
As it turns out, talons are handy during athletic maneuvers.

Chick’s Talons [Hyperskill: Brawling] 2d (3 per die, 6 points total)
Extras and Flaws: Deadly +1, Penetration +2, Only for Hyleel Form -1
They’re also handy for being sharp weapons, even for a chick.

Unconventional Move [U, Speed] 2d (1 per die, 2 points total)
Extras and Flaws: Only for Hyleel Form -1
Turns out, Hyleel can climb walls.

Goblin Grommet Form

As a goblin grommet, Iris is much akin to herself in human form, if her human form had leathery, light chestnut skin, a long, straight nose with four nostrils, and a mouth full of sharp, jagged teeth. The cartilaginous spines protruding from her head recall being hair, but in this form they put a decidedly goblin-y spin on the look. A pair of ears resembling a bats, distinctly over-large on a young grommet’s build, stand ready on the sides of her head, relishing the chance to work more efficiently.

She has an unusually large grin for a goblin, teeth that she must grow into along with the ears. Curiously, she looks like she could fit right in with the goblin family that she grew close to during her time as a courier.

Nocturnal Senses [Hyperstat: Sense] 2hd (1 per die, 4 points total)
Extras and Flaws: Limited Use (Night-vision and Enhanced Hearing) -1, Attached (Sense Stat) -1 Only for Goblin Form -1
Iris enjoys a Goblin’s natural ability to see in the dark, as well as sharper hearing.

Goblin’s Tough Skin
Goblins have naturally tough, leathery skin, making them more resistant to blunt impact.

Goblin’s Sharp Teeth [Hyperskill: Brawling] 2d (1 per die, 2 point total)
Extras and Flaws: Deadly +1, Go First +1, Only for Goblin Form -1, Must Use Teeth -1
Iris has a set of particularly large teeth as a goblin. Jagged goblin teeth are excellent for biting.

Shadow-Slip [U, Range] 2d (1 per die, 2 points total)
Extras and Flaws: Only for Goblin Form -1
Curiously, Iris has inherited a natural shadow magic ability, able to slip between shadows that welcome her like an old friend.

Vargkaran Piglet Form

As a Vargkaran piglet, Iris does not sport the powerful, heavy build she would carry were she an adult. As it stands, she is something of a plump child – not overweight, but featuring the layer of blubber common to all Vargkaran youth. She is covered in a soft, thin layer of orange fur, sporting arms just slightly longer than normal for a humanoid. She has a pair of wide, happy eyes right where you would expect them to be on her face, just above her snout. As the back of her head doesn’t have a snout, the eyes situated there simply rest equidistant to the eyes in front. They are all filled with curiosity.

Strangely, this form bears an uncanny family resemblance with Uncle Pester, whom she grew close to during her time as a courier. She could easily pass as his child.

Vargkaran Quickness [Coordination Stat Modifier]
Extras and Flaws: Limited Width -1, Only for Vargkaran Form -1
While it does afford some advantages, being covered in a layer of blubber does make finely coordinated movement a bit trickier.

Piglet’s Blubber
However, it does provide her with impact resistance, even as a piglet.

Piglet’s Girth 2hd (2 per die, 8 points total)
Extras and Flaws: Engulf +2, Endless +3, Self Only -3, Limited Width -1, Only for Vargkaran Form -1
Between the layer of blubber and a Vargkaran’s natural build, Iris gets an extra layer of hitboxes in this form. I don’t know how to lore hitboxes, honestly.

Piglet’s Self-Defense [Hyperskill: Brawling] 2d (1 per die, 2 points total)
Extras and Flaws: Daze +1, Only for Vargkaran Form -1
Trained by Uncle Pester, this piglet-specific fighting style involves a mix of simple fighting techniques and using weight and force for impact.

Vargkaran Eyesight [Hyperstat: Sense] 2d (1 per die, 2 points total)
Extras and Flaws: Attached (Sense Stat) -1, Only for Vargkaran Form -1, Limited Use (360 Vision) -1
Having eyes in the back of your head is handy.

Internal Combustion [U, Touch] 2hd (3 per die, 12 points total)
Useful Quality: Internal Warmth
Extras and Flaws: Endless +3, Subtle +1, Engulf +2, Touch Only -2, Always On -1, Only for Vargkaran Form -1, Engulf Only Applies to Own Body -1
Vital for the (by Vargkaran standards) frigid climate of New Carthage, Iris naturally generates warmth as a piglet. In emergencies, she can be used as a soft, squishy heating element.

Points Available
43 Points are available for spending.


Physical Skills
Athletics: 4d
Dodge: 4d
Driving (Scooter): 6d
Riding (Child’s Scooter): 4d
Stealth: 6d
Perception: 2d

Mental Skills
First Aid: 4d
Knowledge (Scooter Maintenance): 5d
Navigation: 6d
Streetwise: 6d
Persuasion: 5d
Contacts (Courier Clients): 5d
Leadership: 2d
Stability: 4d

Hyleel Athletics: 3d
Hyleel Brawling: 3d [Deadly, Penetration 2]
Goblin Brawling: 3d [Deadly, Go First, Must Bite]
Piglet’s Self-Defense Brawling: 3d [Daze]

Unconventional Move: 2d
Shadow-Slip: 2d


LAR 1, Limited Width [Goblin, Vargkaran Forms]
LAR 1 on Torso, Arms, Legs [Spider Silk Outfit]
+1 Hitboxes on Each Location [Vargkaran Form]
LAR 1, Limited Width, Defends Against Heat, Fire and Cold Only [Human Drake-Pup Form]


Vargkaran Eyesight enhances Iris’ initiative.
Nocturnal Senses does the same, but only in the dark.

Her Vargkaran form is kind of like a bipedal Tepig. This is where the inspiration came from. Just, picture it, yeah? Be glad her knuckle-flint isn’t growing in yet, she’d be punching every damn thing.

Shadow-Slip fails due to loss in concentration on a failed roll – a critical fail moves Iris to any random shadow within range.


- – Notes – -

Iris has scouted out the area around Russ’ apartment.

Hyleel are herbivores, Goblins are carnivores. Jagged teeth and all that. Humans and Vargkaran are both omnivores. Notably, Vargkaran taste things with their entire digestive tract.

Iatok like sweet potatoes. They are also immune to capcaisin.

It is hard for Hyleel to throw things.

Knows of three Goblin mages:

Grolk. Elderly Shadowmage. Manipulates shadows. Pacifist.
Quorp. Spoken of as a beautiful Goblin. (She smells good.) Graduated from enchantment apprenticeship from a Master. Rookie. Does not English good.
Aarve. Shadow priest of a dominant Goblin religion. Speaker of the dead. Communicates with ghosts.

Spider-Silk Outfit
Tom the Teddy-Cat [Missing (1) Eye]
Notebook (Listing Contacts from Freelance Courier Service)

Iris Whittler

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