Aqua Stanfield

Scaly bookish librarian of healy doom.


Name/Aliases: Aqua Stanfield
Occupation: Librarian
Loyalty: Family – 3pts
Passion: Preservation of Literature – 2pts
Sources: Power Focus
Permissions: Power Theme

Body: 2d
Weapon (Weapon goes here):
Weapon (Weapon goes here):

Coordination: 3d
Dodge: 2d
Driving (Vehicle goes here):
Stealth: 3d
Weapon (Weapon goes here):
Weapon (Weapon goes here):

Sense: 2d
Empathy: 3d
Perception: 2d

Mind: 4d
First Aid:
Navigation: 2d
Research: 5d
Security Systems:
Survival: 1d
Tactics: 1d

Charm: 2d
Lie: 2d
Perform (Puppet Shows): 2

Command: 2d
Interrogation: 3
Intimidation: 1
Stability: 3

Base Will: 4
Willpower: 13
EXP: 12

Power Description and Dice: Medical Manual (U+1 U+1) (10 per dice) 3HD
Quality, Extras, Flaws and Cost: Useful, Engulf, Go First, Focus, If/Then, Accessible, Full Power Only
Capacities: Range, Self
Total Cost: 60pts

Power Description and Dice: When Literature Attacks (Attack) (1 per die) 7d
Quality, Extras, Flaws and Cost: Focus, Accessible, Obvious, Daze
Capacities: Ranged
Total Cost: 6pts

Power Description and Dice: War and Peace (D+1) (1 per die) 2hd
Quality, Extras, Flaws and Cost: Focus, Accessible, Obvious, Go First
Capacities: Self
Total Cost: 4pts

Power Description and Dice: Flight…? (Useful) (1 per die) 1w2d
Quality, Extras, Flaws and Cost: Focus, Accessible, Obvious, Booster
Capacities: Self
Total Cost: 5pts

Power Description and Dice: Dewey Decimal Decipher (U) (1pt)
Quality, Extras, Flaws and Cost: Lulz
Capacities: Self
Total Cost: 1pt

Power Description and Dice: Cook the Books (U) (1 Per Die) 1d
Quality, Extras, Flaws and Cost: Focus, Accessible, If/Then, If/Then, Endless
Capacities: Mass
Total Cost: 1pt

Power Description and Dice: Puppet Pal Projections (U) (2 per die) 2hd
Quality, Extras, Flaws and Cost: Focus, Accessible, Speeding Bullet, Controlled Effect, No Physical Change
Capacities: Ranged
Total Cost: 8pts

Hypersense: Vivid Spectrum – 2d
Extras and Flaws: Native Power, If/Then (only applies to sight-based Sense checks)
Cost per die: 1
Total Cost: 2pts

Resists the Elements D 2HD
Extras: Permanent +4, Native Power +1, Engulf +2
Flaws: Always On -1, Armored Defense -2, Limited Width -1, One Time Base Will Cost -3, If Then (only works against fire, heat, or cold based damage)
Capacities: Self
Cost per die: 1
Total Cost: 4pts


1) 2) 3) 4)

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)


Despite her appearance, Aqua didn’t live a particularly hard life, though it was at times a lonely one. Her father left at a young age to find work off-world, and while letters and money constantly found their way home, her mother was left to raise her on her own. While seldom the target of overt racism, her looks set her apart, and close friends were few and far between.

Still, Aqua persevered, nurturing a strong imagination and a love for books. This persisted to adulthood, when she decided to pursue becoming a librarian – and though her father was seldom present, he ensured she never had to work while she pursued her dreams in university. A few years later and Aqua was a proud graduate, finding work in the local library system.

It was in her library that her life would be changed forever. A strange, ancient book had found its way to the library’s piles. As fate would have it, Aqua was the one sorting and shelving that particular pile. Her head rushed as she made contact with the book, and something changed inside her. Though it would take time for her to truly decipher her new talents, once she did her life became dominated by fear. What if she were found out? Those illegally powered were already dealt with harshly, and she was not likely to receive any favors from her mixed parentage. After that day, keeping a low profile became priority number one.

Aqua transferred to the worst library in the worst neighborhood, citing philanthropic reasons. In reality, she wanted to be in the last place she felt someone would look for a powered person. Unfortunately, a terrible library can only last so long even with the best personnel, and it soon closed. Faced with no other choice, she transferred to the new worst library. This process repeated itself several times, and she found herself unwillingly developing a reputation as the Kiss of Death for a library. While not fond of it, she’s endured it – any day of freedom under the worst of circumstances is better than capture by the authorities.

Mob Dry Cleaner
Spider King
Pawn Shop Guy

3 pieces warp stone
3 pieces silversalt

Aqua Stanfield

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